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About HER.

Have you ever come across someone with such a captivating & positive energy? We suppose “aura” is the proper terminology. And while we aren’t any Professor Trelawney (Harry Potter reference), we are 100% certain Christina Jachow has one fine ora.

Christina, better known as Tietz, is a Berlin-based artist who grew up just north of Plau am See. Her artist name, “Notietzblock” means “notepad” in German. “It's a little play on words with my name and the original medium where my work begins. I found the idea very sweetly wrapped.” - Tietz

Tietz is truly ahead of her time and has an uncanny awareness of the world and her surroundings. Inspired by just about everything, she brings a light-heartedness to her work that is pure and approachable. She describes her work as “colorful and cute, romantic/dreamy, yet realistic” - and we agree! We love that Tietz uses disco music as an escapism when working on her art through the influencers of 70s classics such as Donna Summer, Chic and Evelyn King. PS - Her “Disco” shirt is everything!

We are so excited to share Tietz with you all and the colorful happiness her work eludes! Tietz, you are are one sparkly disco ball and we love to see you shine - thank you for being a part of the Girl Disco family! We can’t wait to what you’ll do next!

…Now let’s get to the good stuff!


What is your craft?

I am an Illustrator, specialized in analog and handmade illustrations, editorial, paper, and fashion illustration.

Love yourself first illustration for Spoonflower Berlin

What inspires you?

Oh, that can really be [anything]. A walk where I discover something in nature, a good conversation with friends, a great festival, all the shapes and colors of this earth. So in general, everyday life.

My work really deals with the zeitgeist of my generation and searches for solutions and answers, expressing moods and thoughts. Of course, there are many great illustrators and artists who influence my work. Very small impulses are often enough and I would like to create something new again.

Illustration for cooperation with Spoonflower Berlin

What gives you a boost of confidence?

There are two different approaches for me: external and internal influences.

Concerts, festivals and a good time with friends give me a lot of energy. It makes me feel alive and I can be myself. After that I would like to capture this feeling forever.

But above all, I have learned in recent years that it is, of course, important to give yourself this feeling from the inside out. I look for my boosts of confidence in my work, [and] in my everyday challenges of life.

I think it is often difficult in this society because we get feedback and confirmation through external influences to feel good about ourselves.

I first had to learn, again. that only I can be it myself and no one else. By doing what I love. By overcoming my fears, jumping over my shadow and stepping out of my comfort zone. To see a small idea growing and becoming reality, that creates a lot of trust. The feeling of getting to know myself better, following my intuition, making mistakes and knowing who I am has really strengthened my self-confidence over the last three years.

Illustration was part of my calendar girl printable 2018 - it is also available as print in my Etsy Shop

Who is your favorite 70s female icon and why?

This is a difficult question because there are so many strong women out there. But I think it was when I saw the movie “The Cactus Flower “at my tender teenage age. I rediscovered Goldie Hawn for me and [fell] soo in love with her big eyes, the cheeky pixie haircut and this incredible great style, the colors and so on. I have to say that to this day she really has something very special about her and seems to be very authentic, honest and is a strong power woman!

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What does Girl Disco mean to you?

Girl Disco represents the feeling of lightness, self-confidence, and happiness. To enjoy life in all its facets and not to let yourself go crazy by external influences. It means for me to have confidence that everything will be all right in the end, in good and bad times.

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Anything else you want people to know?

Finally, begin! If there's something in you that you've always wanted to do, but there's this fear that's keeping you from doing it. . . do it anyway. Your past is Not your Future. You have the choice and the courage to be happy! You can still become anything you want to be!

And if there are people in your life who don't believe in you and tell you-you can't, then let go and invest the time in yourself and in people who are behind you and ready for change.

Where can people find your work?

Instagram Website Spoonflower Etsy

Thank you for being a part of HighlightHER, Christina!


Girl Disco

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