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CALLING ALL QWEENS! Are you looking for some motivational words to kick your ass into achieving your dreams? Well then, The Design Qween is what your IG feed has been missing. Everyone, please say hello to Dana Lee, leading lady of The Design Qween podcast & IG account & unofficial boss bitch of the internet.

Dana is a full-time designer, entrepreneur, business coach, mom & wife (in other words, she is Superwoman). She’s on a mission to boost your confidence level and remind you YES YOU CAN. We love that her posi/feminist vibes ring true throughout her graphics with phrases like “everything you can imagine is real” & “self-love baby, self-love” (as shown in her feature!). She also is a huge fan of the 70s and has the same obsession with Cher as we do (I mean…her Cher collage is GOLD).

Dana, we are so happy to have you as part of the Girl Disco fam! Your hustle is real & admirable. We could all use some of Dana’s mission POSSIBLE outlook on life with us <3

PS! Wanna keep the positivity going? You can get all of Dana’s inspirational graphics below as free wallpapers from her IG account - yay!


What is your craft?

I am a graphic designer and a business coach. I help babes in the idea stage start businesses and I work with kickass women CEO’s to scale their brands. I really focus on changing people’s mindset to realize that they can have everything they want, as long as they believe it.

It is so empowering, and I love that I get to change women’s lives every day. I have built this amazing community on Instagram of hard working – badass babes by posting tips and inspiration every day. I also make easy online courses so anyone can change their life, as long as they decide to!

What inspires you?

When I am designing my courses, I always think what if someone handed my mom these tools when she was single, working 3 jobs, with 2 kids. How can I put the MOST value in here to completely change her life and have her believe she can achieve all of her wildest dreams, even as a mom with no time who is struggling financially? 

I want everyone to start thinking instead of “What if I fail” “What if I’m not good enough” “What if I don’t make enough money” to “WHAT IF I JUMP AND IT IS THE MOST AMAZING MAGICAL THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME?” 

What gives you a boost of confidence?

A bold lipstick. I love a deep red, or a mauve-y purple! Something about putting on lipstick makes me feel like I am truly stepping into my boss babe CEO power and that I can attract anything I want.

Also anytime someone trusts their business with me it is the greatest feeling just to know that they see what I am about and invest their money in me to better themselves is amazing. 

Who is your favorite 70s female icon and why?

Cher, because I mean, have you seen her? I get so much design inspo from her and I love to feature her in my work. Everything she does is simply ICONIC. She was the first person to make me realize I could be super powerful, and not just super powerful for a woman. My favorite quote is,"Mother told me a couple of years ago, 'Sweetheart, settle down and marry a rich man.' I said, 'Mom, I am a rich man."

What does Girl Disco mean to you?

It means being ORIGINAL and super confident! When I first found Girl Disco I fell in love with the aesthetic and how it frayed so far away from what everyone else is doing! We get tunnel vision on Instagram and start to follow all of the same kinds of accounts. Instagram bloggers, design wise and aesthetically, are all the same. PUSHING THESE BOUNDARIES is where creativity and authenticity live.

Anything else you want people to know?

I am a new mama! I have a three month old baby and he is the love of my life. Also, If I could leave you with one tip if you feel starting a business... JUST START! If I can do it at 23 with a 3 month old baby, you can do it boo! Pop by my page for tips and inspiration. I will have you leaving feelin’ like that b*tch.

Where can people find your work?

@thedesignqween on Instagram [OR] my podcast, THE DESIGN QWEEN anywhere you listen to podcasts

The Design Qween’s website is coming soon!

Thank you for being a part of HighlightHER, Dana!


Girl Disco

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