Liz Huninghake

About HER.

Bold colors. Big hair. BAD-ASsSsS! That is, of course, the art by the amazing Liz Huninghake we are talking about! Who else could it be?!

We aren’t gonna lie…we may or may not have hair envy for some of Liz’s designs. When we first came across Liz’s Instagram, we were smitten with a series of black and white, minimalistic designs of women. AND ALL OF THEM HAD AMAZING HAIR!!! Voluminous like cotton candy & wavy like an ocean to be exact. We didn’t know it was possible to be THIS jealous of hair that isn’t real, but here we are!

When asking Liz to elaborate on what inspires her, we were happily reminded of how constantly pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is what makes us grow as humans. Something we all know, but seem to easily forget. As stated by Liz, “I am constantly trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. Getting myself into new unfamiliar situations with new people gets me stoked to create.“ Stoked is RIGHT! Don’t forget to challenge yourself & expand your horizons.

Liz, thank you so much for being a part of the Girl Disco fam! Please continue to create amazing work with amazing hair <3333

Now let’s get to it!

What is your craft?

Designer, illustrator, photographer, animator, hand-letterer, pun-thrower-downer/witticist.

What inspires you?

Bright, bold colors, running, and the outdoors. I am constantly trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. Getting myself into new unfamiliar situations with new people gets me stoked to create. Reading, snowboarding, hiking, camping, huge ass earrings, passionate humans, comedy, dope art, antique stores, dad jokes, old photos, and music totally bump up my creativity. If nothing else, a solid jam/dance/lip sync session to the first Whitney Houston song to pop up on my Spotify is always the kick in the pants I need to get creatin’.

What gives you a boost of confidence?

Large amounts of dry shampoo for ultimate volume + a killer thrifted outfit for under $10 + a pre-design run sesh is the key to get my creative juices flowing and make me feel like the strong female I am.

Who is your favorite 70s female icon and why?

Carrie Fisher hands down. Fighting space battles with a bunch of dudes and a wookiee in buns, a dress, and a leather bikini? Total and complete badass.

What does Girl Disco mean to you?

Girl Disco is being unapologetically yourself. It’s flaunting that badass lady power that every woman possesses and showcasing it for the world to see. It’s harnessing the strength and passion of women and encouraging them to totally rock it.

Where can people find your work? / @lizhuninghake

Anything Else You Want People to Know?

Speak your beautiful mind. Always. What you feel matters. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health so invest in you because you matter. Your body is yours. Own it and work it girl.

Thank you for being a part of HighlightHER, Liz!


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