HighlightHER Feature: Madison Jadzia French

About HER.

We’re a sucker for a driven female hustling her way to the top and Madison Jadzia French fits the bill! Located in Carrollton, Georgia, Madison is a 19-year-old graphic design student who has an affinity for the 70s (same). OH! And did we mention she has her own business? Get it.

After getting to know Madison through the HighlightHER process, we were so touched to learn the story about her middle-name, Jadzia, and how she came to love it! As you will read, Madison wasn’t always the biggest fan of her name because it was unique and, let’s be real, when you’re in 6th grade the last thing you want to be is different. Through the years though, Madison learned to love the special quality of her name and embrace the uniqueness. Today, Madison pays homage to her middle name by including it as part of her business, Madison Jadzia Design. And well, we find that really beautiful. And very Girl Disco!

Madison, keep hustlin’ and doing you! We love your ambition and are happy to have you in the Girl Disco fam ❤️

On to the feature!


What is your craft?

I am a graphic designer. I make logos, business card designs, t-shirt designs…etc. You name it and I have either made it for a client or I am willing to learn it! I also make stickers and would like to make t- shirts in the future!

What inspires you?

I am often inspired by nature, pastel colors, and the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s!! I also find inspiration from people I follow on Instagram, I love how everyone is creative in their own ways! Most of my quotes I make designs out of come from Pinterest and sometimes Instagram. 

What gives you a boost of confidence?

I get a HUGE boost of confidence when my makeup is looking good and I’m playing my favorite artist, Lana Del Rey! I love when I get the sweetest messages from my followers on Instagram, it warms my heart! I also find myself feeling very confident when I finally finish a client’s work. It’s like after all the revisions and changes, we are both so happy with the end result and the hard work was SO worth it! 

Who is your favorite 70s female icon and why?

Stevie Nicks would have to be my favorite 70’s icon!! I grew up listening to 70’s and 80’s rock and her music has always been a favorite of mine! Everything from her voice to her bohemian style clothing has always had me starstruck.

What does Girl Disco mean to you?

It means being yourself and being celebrated by other women! It empowers us to be completely authentic and connects us to all different kinds of women! To me, Girl Disco is about positivity, being real, and having fun!

Anything else you want people to know

Fun Fact: my middle name is after Princess Jadzia from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! I always struggled with having such a unique middle name and often felt ashamed of it. But once I got older, I began to love it and I wanted to turn it into a positive thing! That is why I have chosen to use my first and middle name as my business name!

I am also a 19 year old college student majoring graphic design! It can be hard balancing school work and my business but I am so thankful I have my mom, dad, and my fiancé, Trent, to help keep me sane! 

Where can people find your work?

My work can be found on Instagram at @madisonjadziadesign and my website at www.madisonjadziadesign.com!

You can always DM me for a quote on a design or check out my website to purchase stickers, scrunchies, and pencil pouches!

Thank you for being a part of HighlightHER, Madison!


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