HighlightHER Feature: Natalie Michelle Watson

About HER.

G’day babes! We are so excited to be featuring our favorite gal from down under, the amazingly talented, Natalie Michelle Watson!

As stated in her feature, Natalie is on a mission “to make all our lives at least 20% more fun". We can’t say “SIGN US THE F*** UP” any louder if we tried!! If you follow Natalie on IG (which, wow…you totally SHOULD!), you already know she is like a bright, rainbow colored beacon shining for the world to see! We simply cannot get enough of her and we aren’t ashamed to say we wish we were BFFs IRL (call us?).

Natalie’s color palette is one of the things we love most about her art. It is radiant and vivid (just like her!). Her fun, colorful graphics give off the vibe of that perfect summer day splashing around in a pool made up of your favorite fruity popsicles (cherry, orange or grape, duh!).

Natalie, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations with us! You DO make our lives more fun..dare we say 30% more fun? YES!

Now, time for the good stuff!


What is your craft?

I’m primarily a professional illustrator. Working with clients is truly rewarding for me, and I love making my own products too! One of the products I make are Tiny Tatts, as in really small temporary tattoos which people love to wear at parties, festivals, and events.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere; television shows, movies, art galleries, and even out shopping. My fellow women inspire me. Listening to podcasts helps my brain flow with ideas of my own. Most of my illustration work is highly influenced by the imagery of the 80s and 90s, but the world is currently on a 70s trend and I am thoroughly enjoying this too!

What gives you a boost of confidence?

Fake lashes give me a boost of confidence! Actually, a cute outfit, expensive handbag, and fake lashes. That’s my trifecta. If I look a million bucks, I feel a million bucks too! It’s probably superficial, but I tend to focus on superficial things. I’m not afraid to admit that.

Who is your favorite 70s female icon and why?

Carly Simon! She has the biggest mouth. I find things like that fascinating. More importantly she is a fantastic songwriter, very honest, and her lyrics show she has morals. I like a girl with morals. And big mouths, apparently.

What does Girl Disco mean to you?

I can feel my very cells grooving around at a disco party in cyberspace! Mingling and tingling, bouncing and flouncing, it’s a platform for all the flyest women to find each other, and share their ideas (and far out dance moves), as well as explore the nostalgic 70s vibes, remember the movements, the strides forward in society, but most importantly the FUN, which is very on brand for me.

Anything Else You Want People to know?

My goal is to make your life at least 20% more fun. Help me achieve this by following me on Instagram, signing up for e-mail newsletter for freebies, fun, and surprises, and sharing my art with those you love!

Where can people find your work?

People can find my work on Instagram, @nataliemichellewatson, and on my website, www.nataliemichellewatson.com. I’m also a Giphy verified artist, so if you’d like to use my GIFs on your Instagram Stories, simply search ‘nataliemichellewatson’. Feel free to tag me so I can see what you make!

Thank you for being a part of HighlightHER, Natalie!


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