Girl Disco History Lesson!

The true inspiration behind the name “Girl Disco” came from a friend of our founder. The friend was in need of some 70s tunes and sought out Grace’s help to make the ULTIMATE all-female-disco playlist. And (you guessed it!) that playlist happened to be named “Girl Disco”. Grace had been stewing on the idea for some time by then and when she read the playlist name she felt it was right. Grace immediately explained to her friend what she was working on and asked permission to use the name of her playlist for her brand. AND HER FRIEND SAID YES. From there, Girl Disco was officially born.

We like to share the origin story of the name behind “Girl Disco” because no matter how big or small, it is always important to give credit when due. We could have easily never mentioned this and no one would have ever known this story. However, it’s extremely important for us to recognize this. So often, we as women steal each other’s ideas vs. drawing inspiration from them. And, well…that is not Girl Disco.

The Girl Disco branding was also done by a very close friend who has so graciously helped in all facets of the branding development. You know who you are and you are APPRECIATED.

Girl Disco is a direct product of women helping women.